The Power of a Cup of Coffee

I do not drink coffee much.  I figure, I do not have a full time job nor do I have any children of my own, it only seemed fair that I did not need to have a caffeine addiction.  I have time in my life to get proper rest.  Instead, the caffeine is on reserve for when I really need it.

As I am working on better balancing my thoughts and life in general I realized that there is something magical about having a warm drink in your hand...especially coffee.  I have really struggled with taking time out of my morning to spend time journaling, praying, and just starting my morning by slowing down and centering my brain.  It was then that I realized that if I gave in to a morning caffeine addiction, I might just better accomplish it.

If I can start myself daily focusing instead of letting my mind run a mile a minute, I think my entire life would greatly benefit.  And really, it is not so much about the coffee but the ability to slow down.  I do not let myself slow down all day until Brent gets home and then my focus turns to him or our television.  And if I do slow down during the day I usually end up zoning out in front of the computer or with a bowl of ice cream in my lap.

I struggle with just being.  I struggle with rest.  I struggle with spending time with God.  I struggle with allowing myself some of the simplest pleasures in life that lead to a slower and happier lifestyle.  So if a cup of coffee can be the stepping stone to learning this important discipline, then please, I'll take a cup of decaf!