The Power of a Cup of Coffee

I do not drink coffee much.  I figure, I do not have a full time job nor do I have any children of my own, it only seemed fair that I did not need to have a caffeine addiction.  I have time in my life to get proper rest.  Instead, the caffeine is on reserve for when I really need it.

As I am working on better balancing my thoughts and life in general I realized that there is something magical about having a warm drink in your hand...especially coffee.  I have really struggled with taking time out of my morning to spend time journaling, praying, and just starting my morning by slowing down and centering my brain.  It was then that I realized that if I gave in to a morning caffeine addiction, I might just better accomplish it.

If I can start myself daily focusing instead of letting my mind run a mile a minute, I think my entire life would greatly benefit.  And really, it is not so much about the coffee but the ability to slow down.  I do not let myself slow down all day until Brent gets home and then my focus turns to him or our television.  And if I do slow down during the day I usually end up zoning out in front of the computer or with a bowl of ice cream in my lap.

I struggle with just being.  I struggle with rest.  I struggle with spending time with God.  I struggle with allowing myself some of the simplest pleasures in life that lead to a slower and happier lifestyle.  So if a cup of coffee can be the stepping stone to learning this important discipline, then please, I'll take a cup of decaf! 


  1. I've read in many places that one cup of coffee daily is actually very good for you, especially your metabolism. I don't drink it because I can't stand the taste, but don't you feel bad about that coffee! It's good for you!

  2. I can relate to this.
    I love coffee but usually just drink it in the AM,one very large cup. I look forward every morning to making it, make some toast and then relax before the crazy begins. If for some reason I don't have it I feel rushed and unbalance, is not so much the coffee (which I love) but the slow pacing of my mornings.

  3. I struggle with those things too, you're not alone. And yes, a cup of coffee can be a great friend :)

  4. I can relate and one cup of coffee is essential for starting my day! Not that I need the caffeine jolt, but it is part of my peaceful morning ritual that I have with my blog before the day really begins! Enjoy!

  5. I feel like you are my Jiminy Cricket, just posting what's in my brain. I, too, want to start mornings with a cup of coffee and bible reading and journaling and PEACE. But more often than not, it's computer time, a diet coke, and then I rip myself away to do shower and be productive.

    Although, when I do drink coffee, I grind the beans and make it in a french press. The whole process is very calming/centering/time consuming? Also it makes better tasting coffee. :)

    Keep blogging (please) I love reading.

  6. I love coffee and not because of the caffeine. It's my comfort drink, I love the flavor and trying different creamers, it relaxes me. So I say go for it if it is something you enjoy.

  7. Ashley, you are so right. Stopping to take the time to drink a hot beverage first thing in the morning is a true blessing. I do it every morning while I read my two devotionals. It's a routine and if I miss it, I feel off. I even set the alarm 30 minutes early to be sure there is time. This has helped me build God into my life and although not a lot, it's quality time with him. So have your coffee, mine is full-throttle, but that started after I had two kids so maybe you can stay on decaf!

  8. I LOVE coffee! It tastes great and is perfect on those really tired mornings. I've also found that making hot tea "from scratch" which for me is putting the kettle on until it whistles, steeping the tea, and drinking it slowly, has the same calming, peaceful affect where you just slow down and appreciate life.

  9. I love the ritual of preparing my tea in the morning, holding it, and centering myself. It's an important part of setting my intention for the day. I drink coffee a few times a week too and green tea in the evenings.


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