Martha Stewart Circle Edge Punch Starter Kit--My New Favorite Thing

Pretty gift wrap ideas using the Martha Stewart Circle Edge Punch

The Martha Stewart Circle Edge Punch recently was put on the shelves of Michael's stores and I literally got myself there the moment I found out.  I heard about this punch months ago, but at the time it was only available through the Home Shopping Network.  Waiting for this punch to come out only made the want for it that much greater.  Now that I have been able to get it in my hot little hands, I am impressed.  It is my minimalist attempts at making gift wrap prettier and doilies at home with out too much fuss. 

Martha Stewart Crafts Circle Edge Punch Starter Kit Review Available at Michael's

I put together a video showing how to use the punch and what the starter kit comes with but I will also share a few of the details here as well.  The starter kit comes with the base and one punch.  You can buy separate punch cartridges as well.

The cartridges are magnetic and hold it in place when paper is placed in between.  The magnets are heavy duty and do the job well.

Pretty gift wrap ideas using the Martha Stewart Circle Edge Punch

And while I was at it, I thought I would show you a recent birthday card I made.  You can buy these brown kraft paper cards at Michael's as well and I use this handwriting Pinterest board as my inspiration for the designs.  

DIY Happy Birthday Card
Pretty gift wrap ideas using the Martha Stewart Circle Edge Punch

Easy and pretty gift wrap make a statement without a lot of work.  I am sold.  Check out my video below on a full review, tutorial on how the punch works, and details on pricing.  

And I might be in my pajamas.  I didn't think I would have to stand up but you will see that did not go so well!


  1. Thanks for the cute tip!! Those doilies are adorable, and so is your handwriting card! Love! ~Angela~

  2. do you get the brown paper at Michael's too? I love it!


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