Day at Stinson Beach

Stinson Beach

At least once a year we try to take a day trip to Stinson Beach.  It is located in the Bay Area (near San Francisco) and is about a two hour drive for us.  There is something about the ocean that tugs on my spirit, so our yearly trip is always a day of refreshment for me.  Just me and Brent driving with windows down with green lush mountains all around us.  It fills my soul.

It was a perfectly overcast day for a picnic lunch at the beach.

What I love about Stinson Beach is that it is always cold.  Even in July.  I love the beach but I would much rather prance around in my skirt than wear a swimsuit and worry about sunscreen coverage. 

We take lots of photos and climb rocks.  

Stinson Beach
Stinson Beach

And because surely someone will ask, we take photos of ourselves with a tripod.  You can read all about my tips for taking amazing pictures of yourself here.

// What is your favorite place to go to refill your spirit?