Homemade Food Gift Labels Free Printable

Free Homemade Food Gift Label Printable (using Avery Round Labels)

I have been playing around with Avery's online design and print program and loving it!  They offer designs to choose from, edit, and then print right from their website.  I have been making address labels, Urke Photography labels, and even some labels for homemade canned items I give away.

(I edited out our address for our address label on the right.  That was obvious right?  You didn't really think that was my design?  But to make the design I browsed Etsy for address labels and found a design I liked to use as a guide.  And for our photography label, I found the free camera image from Lil Blue Boo.)

Free Homemade Food Gift Label Printable (using Avery Round Labels)

The main problem I seem to encounter in designing and printing my own labels is that things do not always line up correctly when printing.  I found by using their premade designs and then editing them, everything seemed to line up better as compared to doing the same exact design myself from scratch.  Why is that?  Maybe user error.  Nonetheless, I figured out how to work the system and thought I would share. 

Free Homemade Food Gift Label Printable (using Avery Round Labels)

I made a PDF of this "Eat up! Homemade with love." label to share with you all (free silverware graphic from The Graphics Fairy).  All you have to do is open the PDF and then print using Avery 22817 Round Labels (I found mine at Walmart).  No need to use the software or worry about formatting since I already set it up and printed it to make sure it printed out correctly. 

If you are interested in designing your own, I recommend using this circle design as the base of your project.  It's the one I used and found successful in printing correctly.  You can edit out the words, change colors, and add images. 

I am thinking these would be great for labeling jars in the kitchen and all kinds of other organizing fun!  Go label crazy! 


  1. Love these! You are so crafty girlfriend.

  2. Hi Ashley. This is Phil for Avery. Can I help you with your link to the circle design base project. Links to specific design change over time. Describe the design you suggest, and I'll provide a link that wont change over time -- Phil

    1. Bummer! I made these awhile ago and was hoping the link would direct me when I needed it again. If you have a suggestion to a design that matches what I made, I would be happy to update the link!

  3. Shucks. We don't have a good match. I asked our artists to consider designs like yours. Here is a link with a related theme:


  4. Looks so cute. Thanks for your work!


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