Lessons From Pinterest Traffic

An easy first step to getting more traffic to your blog: start pinning your own content!

Blogging changes through time and it is always fascinating for me to see how online trends affect blog traffic.  I have known for awhile that Pinterest is my number one source of traffic online but I didn't really know the numbers until I started using Pinterest analytics.

In order to use Pinterest analytics, you need to add a code to your blog coding.  Pinterest walks you through it via the analytics tab.

Once set up, Pinterest offers you specific data about your pins and traffic.  It shares things like the average number of pins from your blog, how many repins from your own pins as well as pins to your blog, and how many visitors and clicks over to your site come from Pinterest.

A few things I learned from the analytics were quite surprising.  Items that were most pinned from Domestic Fashionista were originally pinned by me.  So if you were trying to be humble and not pin your own content, well it's time to take some pride in your work!  My guess is that there are way more people on Pinterest daily than there are on my blog (or any blog!) and so I am more likely to grab someone's interest if I pin my posts to Pinterest.  Even pins that do not get repins.  By putting them on Pinterest, it is more likely to get additional clicks over.

Plus the beauty of it all is that it stays in the archives of Pinterest.  I have seen some of my pins go a whole week without any repins and suddenly the right person decides to repin it and the link goes viral.  You just never know (and I say thank them in the comments for pinning your content!).

The second most surprising fact I learned was how many people were seeing my pins.  I was shocked to find out how many people were seeing my pins daily.  Way more than the actual amount of followers I have!

Just by the nature of how Pinterest works, my pins are being seen by 13 times the amount of followers I have.  There is no other site out there that is offering me that much exposure!  And to think I didn't want to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon years ago and even took a break from it!  What was I thinking!?!

That being said, there are a ton of factors that come into play about how to get your blog pinned to Pinterest like photography, descriptions, pinning at a certain time of day...etc.  But that does not all happen overnight.  But you know what does?  Pinning your own content.  And making sure that you pin other people's content to build a reputable Pinterest account and following. 

This is why people now have Pinterest giveaways and advertisement campaigns.  Pinterest is taking over the internet whether you like it or not.  I may have an unhealthy addiction as well as occasionaly walk away comparing myself but never will you hear me complain about Pinterest again.

Go pin something of yours right now.