Living Simply Because I Want To

Living SImply Because I Want To--How living a simple life is a choice.

Last Fall I remember roasting my Halloween pumpkins to make pumpkin puree for some Thanksgiving desserts and to have on hand to make my own pumpkin spice lattes.  And as I stood there in my kitchen I was overwhelmed by a sense of satisfaction and contentment.

I thought to myself, this is what simple living is about.  Having the time and resources to do something like make my own pumpkin puree.  But then I thought why would the average person take the time to make pumpkin puree when they could just buy it at the store?  Why is making my own pumpkin puree so important to me?

And that's when it hit me.  I am taking time out of my life when I could be doing hundreds of other more important things but I wanted to make pumpkin puree instead.  I don't need pumpkin puree.  It's not like we cannot afford to buy a can of it at the store.  I am sure some people would argue that you can taste the difference.  But once I throw mine in some coffee or make it in a cheesecake, I am probably not really going to notice.  And to take it even further, I could just buy a pumpkin spice latte at Starbuck's or go to the store to buy a pumpkin cheesecake...or even, heaven forbid, make something else less tedious without pumpkin! 

But all of these reasons have nothing to do with why I made pumpkin puree.  I found satisfaction and a sense of resourcefulness in doing it.  And that is what simple living is about.  It's not because we are poor and have to live this way.  Or that I live in the middle of nowhere and do not have modern resources to things.  It's because I want to live simply.

If you don't want a simple life, you aren't going to have one.  If your time, social life, work, voice in your head, or feelings of needing to do certain things or live up to a certain lifestyle are more important to you than you are never going to obtain a sense of living simply.  And that is okay.  Because not everyone wants a simple life bad enough to make the sacrifices it takes to achieve it.

I almost feel like I stumbled upon having a simple life.  It wasn't something I planned on or set my sights on.  Instead it was kind of a morphing of my priorities and honestly, given the opportunity to slow down, I got a taste of what living simply was all about and couldn't go back to living a busy one. 

Simple living does not look just one certain way.  You could have a simple life but not have a desire to make your own pumpkin puree.  Because though making pumpkin puree isn't that hard, it is not necessarily simple or even important.  But simple living is about finding what is important to YOU and living that way, getting rid of the other things that aren't as important.


  1. I love this Ashley! This is exactly how I try to live my life, I get so much satisfaction out of doing simple things. It may be more time consuming, but I love it.

  2. I think personally that doing your own puree when they sell a can at the store is the opposite of having a simple life, is complicating it! Now saving $4 for a pumpkin latte and make your own is, because it takes less time than driving to Starbucks, ordering it and waiting for it- I make my lattes at home too- and you save money. Same with the cheesecake, you might not use your own homemade puree but you made the cheesecake yourself. I guess it depends on what's simple for each person, that's why it's not that some are not willing to make the sacrifices to live a simple life, simple is just different for them.

  3. Some people would probably argue that making pumpkin puree is anything BUT simple. Much easier to just buy that can ;) But I totally know what you mean :)

  4. I agree Lucia. I wouldn't call it a simple life but more of a home made life. For a single mother with three kids who works full time spending hours making something you can buy ready made would not be simple. On the other hand if your a single girl in her 20's with no kids(like myself), or a stay at home mom home made is fun and satisfying, but simple? Not so much :)

  5. I love this! I've started getting into tedious, time-consuming kitchen projects and am loving them! Last year I made infused liqueurs and chocolate covered candied orange peel for Christmas gifts. While they were appreciated, I don't think a bottle of nice liqueur and a box of fancy Godiva chocolates would have been any less appreciated. I enjoy spending the time, effort, and heart that goes into these projects. They bring me joy. So I totally get it. And appreciate it when others see that value in it, too. :-)

  6. I really appreciated your post. I started my Blog to "create" a space that's all mine and I am working on it because I love writing, sharing beautiful things with my readers and I hope it will become a business, to have a simple and independent life. xoxo Silvia


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