Why I Write.

Why I Write--Thoughts on How Blogging Helps Me Process Life

I would not call myself a writer.  75% of the time I actually admit to being a blogger.  It is usually at the end of, "I watch my nephew part time, my husband and I do photography, and, um, I have this blog..."  When in fact I am probably spend more of my time writing, thinking, processing, and staring at my computer screen than most other things.  I love to write and always have.  Pre-internet days I was a journaler.  I never realized that I would become such a storyteller.  It's like all my life I have had these scenarios and thoughts in my head, and when I started to write a blog I finally got to spit it all out.

But I am a writer.  Yes, I decorate, talk about the home, cook, and take care of my husband.  But some days this is the fluff that surrounds the pit of my soul.  My writing.  My thoughts.

I think I write how I talk.  I love to go deep.  Oh, if you want to go deep, I am your girl.  But not everyone wants to do that.  So I can talk about decorating and cooking and pretty things until we get to know each other.  And then once we get past that, I will let you know what I am really like.

So now that I have explained myself here are some reasons why I write:

1. I write to process things.

I often do not fully understand something until I write it out.  It's how I process things and come to conclusions.  I don't always have the opportunity to talk things out so writing it out can often do the trick.  Sometimes I need to write it out before I can even talk it out.  As a thinker I need to process things before I can speak them so writing gets me to the next step.

I don't post everything.  I have a lot of drafts.  But getting it out seems to help.  I used to write pen and paper but typing is so much quicker.  Blogger drafts has become my official diary.

2. I like to read blogs.

There is something about blogs.  For someone who likes the outcome of reading but not the process, blogs are immediate gratification.  I don't have to read a whole book but still come out with a nugget of information.  Likewise, I may never have the ability to organize thoughts into a book but I sure can bust out a blog post like nobody's business.

3. I want to share with the world.

As an introvert it is hard to get a word in.  This is my platform.  You can choose to read or not but if you are choosing to read it's because you want to.  And if I am going to muster up the courage to speak, I would really feel a lot better if I knew I was being heard.  Writing a blog is an introvert's dream.  And I am so thankful that through it people like my own mother and closest friends can get to know me a little deeper.  It is a glimpse into my soul.

4. I want to remember.

Right now I have two draft posts open.  I have so many things go through my head in a day, if I don't write it down it will be forgotten by other new incoming thoughts.  Whether or not anyone reads, I will forever have documentation of my life.  This blog is like a bunch of sticky notes to my life.

// Why do you write?