Natural Fall Mantel + Dining Room Gallery Wall

Natural Fall Mantel

Okay, so maybe it is not a mantel.  But my buffet/dresser in our dining room is the closest thing to a long bare space to decorate with holiday pretties.  So to me it is my fall well as a gallery wall.  I am kind of loving the combination.

Natural Fall Mantel

The golds of the gallery wall team up well with the natural colors of the wood beads, pumpkins, and ghords.  For a girl who loves her pinks and blues, it is nice to have a different earthy feel in this little corner of our home.

And let's be honest, that one pink heart says Ashley.  The touch of feminine pulls everything together in my opinion.  Proof that one item in an entire gallery wall or vignette can set the tone for your own personal style.  I love that.  It is a puff paint heart, too, by the way.

All my fall decor is from previous years but because this gallery wall is new since last fall, the vignette feels new and fresh.  It makes more sense to me to change out my everyday decor than purchase new holiday decor each year.  I already have too many holiday tubs so this allows for a more simplistic holiday spread.

I also love challenging myself to make old things look new each year.  I am always surprised at how it comes out.   It's never quite as I planned...and usually way better.

All the pumpkins are fake, the ghords are dried that I bought at a pumpkin patch last year, and the acorns are from Joann's last year.  The beads I picked up at Michael's a few years ago in a big bag and I strung them on some string.  They are quite possibly my favorite small detail of my fall decor.

I thought I was over my book page wreaths.  I have been struggling to find a place for them but this one is proving to keep it's stay a little longer. 

Our home is feeling warm and cozy and ready for only if this Sacramento weather would do the opposite, we would be set!

// What are you decorating with this fall?

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