Paper Flower Fans Tutorial

For my birthday party this year, I used paper and tissue paper flower fans as backdrops for my decoration.  They are very easy to make and inexpensive for how much of a wow factor they offer! 

For the paper flower fans, I used 12x12 patterned scrap book paper that I had on hand.  You will need two pieces of paper for each fan.

1. Accordion fold two matching pieces of paper.

2. Fold in half.

3. Cut a rounded edge to give a flower petal look.

4. Cut into folded side of paper.  I kept my one cut out at the top portion of the flower as I though they looked nicer as compared to cutting in multiple places all over which makes them look more like snowflakes than flowers.

5. Glue inside pieces of paper together.  My inside fold is small because my folds were not perfect.  No need for perfection here.

6. Glue sides of each paper together.

7. Open up to create a circle and glue other two sides together.

How to make paper and tissue paper flower fans.

The same technique is used for tissue paper flower fans minus some of the cutting.  I used a pack of multi-colored tissue paper from the Dollar Tree.

1. Cut tissue paper into squares.  Accordion fold.  Because tissue paper is so thin and harder to work with, I folded multiple pieces at the same time to save time.

2. Glue inside edges together.

3. Glue remaining edges together.

4. If you have a little gap in the center of the tissue paper flower fan, add a dab of glue to hold it together.

How easy is that!  And a great night time, in front of the TV activity!

How to make paper and tissue paper flower fans.

I used mine to style the backdrop for a photo booth and dessert table but the decor possibilities are endless!

How to make paper and tissue paper flower fans.
How to make paper and tissue paper flower fans.