Fall Backyard Porch

All of our outdoor entertaining is over for the year, but while we still have bearable to hang outside weather, I wanted to move around the furniture on our porch to reflect fall.  By making the fire pit the new focal point of our porch, it welcomes nights by the fire and roasting marshmallows.

Our outdoor heater is also prominently placed to warm up nights on the patio.

I have to be honest, we do not spend a ton of time in the backyard this time of year, but by at least creating an inviting place to do so, actually encourages us to go out back just a few more times this year.

I have started to create another garden bed in front of the concrete patio.  Since taking these pictures I have transplanted one of our spring time blooming trees.  I think it will add some color when looking out to the backyard from our dining room.  After spending our anniversary in Oregon I came home inspired by all the gardens we visited and wanted to at least start adding more lush garden spots before the weather got too cold.  There is not much to it besides the tree but come spring, it will be reading for more plants.

Another view from the patio.

Over the next few days I will be sharing more about our fall backyard and the few entertaining opportunities we have had!