One Day

Today I joined Laura of Hollywood Housewife in the One Day Instagram challenge.  I remember enjoying seeing all her posts from last year, that on a whim this morning I decided to join in.  The point is to document the everyday and be able to look back and see the small details of one day.  Here is a snippet of my day via Instagram.

7:30am / Woke up later than usual as I was feeling like I was coming down with a cold.  It was good to sleep in instead of get up with my husband but the morning started off rough.  I decided the day before to put my scale away due to some inner mental battles so today was the first day of not weighing myself.  No nephew to watch today so a bit of a free for all.  Trying to listen to my body and decide how active I needed to be for the day.

8:00am / "Waking up" the house consists of opening curtains and tidying the house.  Seeing the sun and warmth come into the house makes me thankful for a quiet and slow morning.

8:30am / I put out the mail.  I have been sending back junk mail in the prepaid envelopes with hopes of cutting back on what gets sent to our house.

Seeing the sun come out of the clouds and my roses blooming make me thankful for the cool mornings and sunny afternoons.  The roses have been growing like crazy and are more beautiful than ever.

9:00am / I decide to forgo my class at the gym and read instead.  I am really enjoying Lord, I Want to Be Whole and was reminded that getting through this book needs to be more of a priority.  I also started a new notebook for One Thousand Gifts.  I am reading the book with a new book club I joined and though I am not completely connecting with the book, the idea of writing out one thousand things I am thankful is going to be a good challenge.

10:15am / I meet with my lovely friend and mentor.  We meet once a month on Wednesday mornings.  My rough morning feels lighter after being able to talk out some things and gain perspective.  I was also reminded on the way to her house it was that time of the month.  Suddenly my emotions are all making sense!

2:00pm / Not too much has been going on.  Still trying to rest due to the cold I am feeling.  Spend my afternoon checking emails and taking care of a few blog tasks.  Start getting ready for dinner.  Pork tenderloin in is the crock pot from earlier that morning.  My compost bowl in the kitchen is full so I take it out to the backyard to our compost bin.

5:00pm / Brent is home and dinner is ready so we eat.  We go to bed pretty early (between 8 and 9) so dinner is usually eaten as soon as Brent gets home and it is ready.  We have been eating a lot more salads recently.  I found a great recipe for restaurant style ranch and Greek dressing and have been prepping salads every week consisting of iceberg, romaine, shredded carrots, tomatoes, and croutons.  With quality dressing eating salads has become much more enjoyable.  This pork tenderloin recipe is to die for as well.

5:45pm / An after dinner serenade.  Brent practices some songs he is playing at church this week.  I check out Instagram again.  Loving following along on the #onedayhh feed.

6:30pm / Brent is off to church so I catch up on some more blog things and cleaning up dinner.

7:30pm / Ending the day where I started.  Contacts out and glasses on.  I am already ready for bed.  But will wait up for Brent to get home.  Catch a few reruns of Modern Family and write this blog post.

Today was an odd day.  It was definitely not normal.  Being sick and needing some balance allowed me to slow down.  I usually am consumed with my to-do list but stopping and capturing the mundane made the day feel special.  We are only given so many days and even the rough ones or uneventful days, I hope to make the most of it.  I was reminded how thankful I am for the little things.  Today was filled with perspective and relationships and the simple things and I am glad I was able to capture it.