KCRA 3 A-List Nominee: I Need Your Vote!

Just popping in today to share the exciting news that I have been nominated as best local blogger in Sacramento by our local news station!  This is a well known nomination that gets proudly placed in windows of local businesses.  Not only is it an honor to be a part of some great local bloggers, but it has also provided a lot of amazing local opportunities as a blogger!   

Even if you are not local, your vote can still count.  I would greatly appreciate it if you took the time to cast your vote.  It is a simple log in that takes only a minute!

Vote for Domestic Fashionista here.

Our photography business, Urke Photography, also got nominated as best wedding photographer (I recently updated our blog with a more crisp and happy blog design if you haven't popped over in awhile!).  You can also find us on Facebook here.

Vote for Urke Photography here

And if you are a hard core supporter (wink), you can also vote for my mom's flower shop, Flower Power Florist.  I am so proud that her shop last year came in the top 5!  She is still getting the hang of this whole social media thing so I have been trying to help her as much as I can!  You can also like her flower shop on Facebook!

Vote for Flower Power Florist here.

Thank you in advance for your support.  Have a wonderful weekend!  xo


  1. What a wonderful post! Although you describe yourself as not a typical 20-something woman, I think everything you have posted is relatable to many women. Thank you for putting it so elegantly!

  2. That is great to know Kara! Even though we all live out different lives, sometimes we all are still going through some of the same things!


You can also email me at domesticfashionista {at} yahoo {dot} com.

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