One Year Anniversary Blurb Photo Book

I have quite a few photo books I put together last year that I have yet to blog about.  Stay tuned for a few more books over the next month or so.  I finally got around to creating a book from our one year wedding anniversary.  We will be celebrating our fifth this year.  Yeah, I am a little behind.  I have books from other anniversaries since then but because this book kept on getting put off, I just did not have the same motivation to put together a book like I do when I come home from a trip now. 

But since this was about four years ago, this was before I edited all my photos like I do now.  We had our DSLR by then but I wanted to take the time and go through the photos and edit them before making the book.  Plus we took a ton of photos that year.  It is interesting to see how our photography of each other and together has changed over the years.  These photos are less perfectly staged.  It is kind of sweet to look back and see how simple things were back then. 

So I eventually got around to editing all the photos and putting them together in a book using Blurb.  Though this was a long awaited project, I am happy that I took the time to edit and have a better style sense when it comes to putting together photo books now.  This was an important year and I am thankful the quality matches.

Our first year of marriage we were incredibly frugal.  I remember we did not think we could afford a one year anniversary trip so we spent the weekend at home just enjoying each others company.  But after a rather successful garage sale and some blogging money, we were able to afford a last minute trip to Disneyland that mirrored the elaborate engagement trip Brent has planned for me a year and a half earlier. 

Being able to relive the whole trip just a little over a year later was very special and nostalgic.  We even revisited the trip and "acted out our engagement" to my parents when we took them there a few years later.

I love my current life and marriage but there is something so sweet about that first year.  Having these memories documented mean so much to me.

Photo book printed with Blurb.