Hello, Beautiful | A Girly Office + Giveaway

Over the past few months I have made a few changes to my office/playroom for my nephew.  I found a new side of the road gem, purchased a new printer, and my nephew is getting older so we have started to use the space slightly differently.

This space has been so good to us.  As my nephew has gotten older and more independent, having a spot for him to play while I work has been perfect for us.  I love that it is a designated place separate from the other rooms we spend our time in.  When we go in this room, it is usually with intentions that I need to get a few things done while he independently plays.  I have found that having a specific purpose for the room helps him to play better as well as understand that auntie needs to sit in front of her computer for a few minutes.  It is far from perfect (there are plenty of days where I am trying to type as he crawls all over me asking if we can "take pictures" on the computer) but it seems to work well for us most of the time.

I will be sharing in a future post some of the changes that have been made for this room, but today specifically I am focusing on one of my newest and prettiest additions to my girly office.  This darling Hello, Beautiful pillow cover.

I know my house is plenty girly as it is.  But my office is my one designated space that is not shared with my husband.  It definitely has a lot more pink but also serves as an inspiration to me.  I fill this room with more quotes and girly art than the rest of the house to feed into my creative spirit.  This room is all about me (minus the chalkboard and children's books!) and it a retreat from the rest of my home that is constantly reminding me there is laundry to do and dishes to clean.  This office is a place to focus.  To write.  To work.  To dream.  To meet women.  It means a lot to me.  So a reminder of "Hello, Beautiful" just seems fitting.

This beautiful pillow is from The ArtWerks, which is very much feeding into my whole water color and floral obsession!  The ArtWerks is an Etsy shop full of beautiful and original art and jewelry.  I personally love the pillow covers but there is plenty more to see in this beautiful shop!

Today The ArtWerks is offering two winners a $25 shop credit!

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