My Home: Same Setup, Different Decor

For the first time in our almost five years in our home, I have started to settle in the setup of our space.  I spend less days rearranging the whole house because I have found what works in our home this season of life and am happy with it.  Despite that, I still sometimes have a need to change things up.  For someone who spends the majority of my days in my home, I want what surrounds me to continue to inspire and reflect my creativity and style.  So while I am keeping the setup of my home the same, I still like to occasionally change out the decor.

I have been really inspired by color and contrast lately.  As a result, I have been on the search for easy ways to add these two things into our home without completely changing the look.  In order to do this I have started changing out a few pieces of art and pillow covers.  

By having interchangeable frames and pillows, I can switch out items fairly easily and inexpensively without completely redoing a room.  I am a big fan of a good gallery wall so investing in a variety of frames in different sizes, shapes, and colors always provide for an easy backdrop for my walls. 

I also like to change out plants seasonally.  With the days getting a little longer and the presence of spring around me, I have started to incorporate more plants than I keep around in the winter.  Luckily for me, I have a florist mom who lets me "shop" her flower shop when I am in need of some new plants!

Pillows help me incorporate pattern into my decor.  This grey pillow cover from Aldari Home adds a touch of modern art to my otherwise traditional chair.

While I was at it I also changed up some of the art in our dining room.  Between our hardwood floors and new wood dining table, the previous wall felt too light and feminine.  Adding a little more contrast to the walls seems to suit the new wood contrast in the room.

I used to be afraid of colors outside of my comfort zone.  But by bringing in art with touches of accent colors make adding in shades, like orange in the flower plate, much easier.

To add more contrast I added a new black and white print and switched out a light wood frame for a darker one.  It is amazing how the right combination of art and color can create a cohesive look.

The wall is still feminine but less soft.  I love little changes that provide big impact!

Thank you to Aldari Home for sending me the beautiful pillow featured in this post.  If you are in the market for adding a new punch of color or pattern into your home, I recommend this lovely pillow cover Etsy shop!