South Carolina Vacation Photo Book

Back in 2011 we went on a trip to South Carolina (and North) to meet my husband's great grandma, celebrate her birthday, and get a taste of the south.  Since then she has past away and though we only got a small glimpse into her life, I am grateful to have met her and get a taste of my husband's family's history that we can one day share with our own children. 

Plus it was a major bonus to be able to travel across the country for my first time.  Everything was so beautiful and lush.  I loved getting a peek into another city's culture.  I blogged all about our trip back in 2011...and finally getting around to printing that book out!

I feel so grateful looking at these books of all the places I have had the opportunity to visit.  Too often we do not do these fantastic locations justice by letting their photos sit on our computer.  These books remind me of the life that I have lived so far as well as the many adventures I have been on.  It is easy to forget when I do not look back. 

Book printed with Blurb.


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  2. I'm behind! I'm commenting on all your posts that I"m catching up on. thanks for sharing your book updates. You have definitely motivated me more in keeping up with making them. I used your recommendation a few years back on blurb but when I make smaller books for quick trips or vacations, I just see if groupon or living social is having a deal on 20 page book. I've made so many with their coupons for just my vacations. :O)

  3. That is great Erin! You have to snag those good deals when they come through...but Blurb has my heart first for those big books! So glad to know you are getting those photos printed! Makes me happy to hear!


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