Girly Office Updates

My office has been under a few changes the last couple of months.  We got a new printer in addition to our old printer (meaning we are keeping both) which take up the entire dresser I have in my office.  So I no longer have a pretty display space.  I consolidated a few things, gave away a book shelf that used to be in this corner, and then picked up this desk on the side of the road.  It needs a paint job and I am not really sure about that marble top.  It is much less hideous in person.  But for now it has become a display corner, showing off some pretty things that can now be seen from the door.

I do not use the desk much.  Really it is more for a little bit of storage and a place to create a vignette.  But I have dreams of when my nephew will one day sit still in a desk and play by himself while auntie can do some blog reading.  Just dreaming out loud here.

On display are a few of my favorite things...lots of photos and even a little note my nephew made for Brent.  Since he hasn't volunteered to make one for me yet.

I have been on the search for a bust big enough to hold jewelry but not so gigantic it only serves as lawn adornment.  I finally found two!  At HomeGoods.  It was a really happy day.  I love having some necklaces on display.

I strive to have as much open table space as possible throughout my entire house, but especially in my office.  Piles are inevitable so I try to keep most of the decor on the walls.

This polaroid display is one of my favorites.  And reminds me that I need to use my Fuji Instax more often.  I am too frugal to waste the film.

A quiet and pretty office so I can silently sit in front of my computer and work like a boss.  


  1. Lovely, Ashley! I really like the desk. It seems to go well with your style. The busts and necklaces are a pretty touch too!

  2. Thanks Elyssa! I still can't believed I scoured that free desk!

  3. Grrr...having trouble leaving a comment. I love this space! Do you mind sharing how you attached the twine/string to the back of the instagram photo frame? Was planning on doing something very similar for my crafty space, but wasn't sure how to do the back.

  4. OMG I think I need a bust so I can hang necklaces on it. That's genius!!

  5. For the photo frame I just staple gunned the twine to the back of the frame! Super easy! :)

  6. I would even say hot glue if your frame is not wood! :)

  7. I've been wanting to do a bust/necklace display for a while, but haven't been able to find a face that speaks to me. ;) I'm happy you found one you like!

  8. haha! A face that speaks to you! A very true point! There are some interesting expressions out there on those busts!


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