May 12, 2014

Kitchen Drinking Water Dispenser Station

We recently stopped into Macy's kitchen section (which requires us to go up the third floor at our mall) to look for something luggage related.  I told Brent that if we go up there, I am going to get sucked into the Martha Stewart section and I will not be able to leave without something.  He must have thought I was joking because we continued up the two flights of escalators.

There are few places that I scour and make wish lists and drool over catalogs...they are Martha Stewart's kitchen and dining line at Macy's and Crate and Barrel.  As I had assumed, I found more than one thing I wanted, they were kind of expensive, but for today only I could get up to 40% with their sale and my Macy's card.  They know how to get me.  So this was by no means a necessary frugal purchase.  It was a splurge.  But it is so beautiful. 

So here is how it works.  I have been a water snob for years.  Only filtered for me please.  So I fill up our Brita filter.  I then set it up on our toaster oven to fill a pitcher of water.  This pitcher used to be my water goal for the day...hence the washi tape lines.  The pitcher is bigger than one filling into the Brita so I can let it pour and walk away.  It's fantastic.  Once it fills, I then fill it into my beautiful new water dispenser.

I'll admit it is a little bit of a process.  But I have found that letting the water run and filling the dispenser up to the top, I can do this every few days instead of daily like I did with just the Brita filter or pitcher.  Taking the extra few minutes to fill once saves me water waiting time in the long run.

Plus I have this new little adorable water station.  I joked that we are like a nice hotel now that we always have fresh water available.  It really is a silly luxury but makes drinking water a bit more fun and accessible.

I took my own advice and decided to style the space like I did my kitchen sink.  I have lemons on hand if I want to add a little flavor to my water.  I have found that by actually styling small spaces on the counter, it encourages me to keep it clean.  I try my best to get dishes in the dishwasher and then put away as much as possible so that I have a cleared space to cook, as well as a pretty place to look at each day.

Propping the water dispenser on the books was so that I could fit a large mason jar cup underneath the spout.  Though the dispenser is already elevated I was finding that only smaller canning jar cups would fit.  This worked for awhile but then I decided that I needed it to be taller so that I could fill up bigger glasses of water in order to encourage drinking more water. 

I considered putting the dispenser on the edge of a counter so that it did not need the extra elevation.  But I found that I then had to hold my cup while it filled with water.  The dispenser has nice flow but not as fast as pouring with a pitcher.  I like to be able to put my glass down while it fills while I put away a few dishes.  Waiting for water to fill is just another excuse to drink less water.  Now I have no reason to enjoy another glass of water every few hours all the while enjoying the luxury of my very own kitchen.

Perhaps one day we will have a refrigerator with filtered water.  Until then, I will continue to live in not as fancy water drinking land with this cute little dispenser.

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