Pool Party Play Date

The week after Easter, my nephew and I hosted a little pool party play date.  With our newly purchased $30 pool (from Sam's Club) and the Easter party decor still hanging from the lights, we found it the perfect opportunity for a little kiddo fun.  

I dragged the patio furniture out to the lawn so that my friend and I had a place to sit and chat while the kids swam.

I love it when good party decor gets to be enjoyed just a little longer.  It makes all the work a bit more worth it.

We put out snacks and the kids said and did funny things.  Children are such a hoot sometimes.  I was slightly exhausted afterwards but a fun little setup makes it worth it.  I am finding play dates are a lot like parties.  As an introvert, I will be tired no matter how extravagant I make it.  Setting things up and seeing what I create is the energizing part of entertaining for me.  As someone who is plenty content by themselves most of the time, having a creative reason to have friends over is always a good excuse to socialize.

And then we all took a nap.  A successful play date in my book.