Martha Stewart at Macy's Union Square San Francisco

Last Friday I had the opportunity to head to Macy's Union Square in San Francisco to attend and cover their Martha Stewart event.  It was such a dream to be able to see Martha in person as well as get away for the day with my sweet husband (he was a good sport about tagging along!).

The event was part of Macy's Celebrate American Icons with Martha Stewart which included a cooking demonstration and book signing for her new cookbook, Martha's American Food.  It was located in the heart of San Francisco, a place near and dear to my heart.

We used this opportunity to take a fun day trip to San Francisco.  We headed to Union Square for plenty of site seeing, eating, and for meeting Martha Stewart!  We got to the event early to get good seats and it was all a little too surreal to be so close to where Martha would soon take stage.

The room was packed and we sat only three rows back for the demonstration.  There was plenty of hustle and bustle as Macy's workers and Martha's assistants set up all the food and display to perfection.  I'll admit, the last minute getting everything just right seemed all a little too familiar.  The attention to detail spoke loudly to me as someone who also loves to entertain.  

Everyone was very friendly and chatty.  Though the room filled with a few hundred people, we all sat around giddy that we were going to see Martha!  I knew this was a big opportunity, but it wasn't until we were in our seats did I realize what an exciting experience this would be.  Martha Stewart is a big deal!  And I was going to be sitting right in front of her.  

The whole event was surrounded around celebrating American icons.  The red, white, and blue serving pieces got me excited for the Fourth of July.  The delicious tea, deviled eggs, and pigs in a blanket, all recipes from her cookbook, were familiar classics but with that delicious Martha Stewart twist.

As the event began, each with a cold drink in hand, the audience cheered as Martha Stewart took the stage.  She even came with a dog in hand, in typical Martha fashion!

She shared her tips on preparing food, covering things like why you should never buy lemon juice (always use a fresh lemon), the health benefits of pomegranate juice, and how to freshen up summer teas with fresh ingredients like orange, lemon, mint, and berries.

She was a delight, answering questions from the audience and freely showing her humor while we all nibbled on samples of her recipes.

After the cooking demonstration, we all hurried to get in line to get our book signed.  What a treat to be in front of Martha Stewart face to face!  I told her that I read her magazine as a young girl and have been inspired by her work ever since.  It was those early interests in the home, that I am reminded of today, that root my passion for being a homemaker.  She kindly shared a thank you and a smile.  And I about died.  It was pretty amazing.

Not only was the event a ton of fun and a huge success in my book, as I flipped through her cookbook on the way home, I got excited about the recipes to try.  Full of classic American comfort food, I was inspired to get back in the kitchen and try some new recipes.  And all that Macy's Martha Stewart kitchen wares...they already had me hooked.  I cannot step into a Macy's without picking up something new.  Oh Martha, you speak to my homemakers heart.  It was such a delight to be able to meet her.

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