Entertaining Rules: Always Have Toilet Paper

When it comes to my home, I have many hopes, dreams, goals, and intentions but not a lot of rules.  I often have a vision for things but due to time, energy, and financial situations, some of those high expectations do not always end up happening.  Yet that is okay, because for me, having an imperfect home is part of being a good host.  Being real and relatable puts guests at ease.

So though I do not have a lot of rules, I do have a few.  These are the things off of my mental check off list that I make sure to do every time I know in advance that we will be having guests.

And oddly enough, they revolve around the bathroom.  These are things like wiping down the bathroom counter and toilet.  I may not get that candle lit, but at least the john is clean. 

Another pre-entertaining rule I have for the bathroom is making sure there is plenty of toilet paper on the toilet paper roll.  We are not normal and instead of having extra rolls under the sink, we put our extra TP in the hall closet.  Only once has a guest had to ask for more toilet paper and I was mortified.  Not because things were not perfect but because I would hate to leave a guest literally hanging! 

We also have two pretty small bathrooms so my husband uses our guest bathroom while I use our bedroom bathroom.  This means that my not-as-much-of-a-clean-freak-as-me-husband uses this bathroom daily.  I could be a nagging wife and add extra arguments to our marriage over toothpaste being left out or a toilet paper roll not being changed.  Instead I choose to wipe down that counter and put a fresh roll of toilet paper on before a gathering.  That way we have both happy guests and happy hosts who did not just argue about leaving the toilet seat up minutes before guests walked through the door! 

Thanks to Angel Soft I can worry less about an empty roll of toilet paper.  Knowing that a fresh roll will last me a long time (and be soft on the behind!), I can spend more time focusing on my guests and less time worrying about the bathroom.  Mental checklist...check...check.

Today I am very excited to share that I am partnering with Angel Soft and their #SheetOutOfLuck and #SheetHappens moments.  We have all been there, that dreaded moment where we realize we are out of toilet paper!  Angel Soft has put together a collection of these hilariously real life moments into videos (my personal favorite is "The Quarantine")!

Angel Soft will also be one of the amazing sponsors at BlogHer '14 this weekend and their booth (#201) will be one attendees will not want to miss!  This is my first blogging conference EVER and I am sooooo excited!

As I head to the conference this Thursday I cannot wait to share with you all about my experience as well as all the great things Angel Soft is doing!  I also have an awesome giveaway coming in the next few weeks where Angel Soft will be giving away a one year supply of toilet paper!  Talk about not having to worry about running out of toilet paper!

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// What are your entertaining rules?  Crazy about the bathroom like me or particular about something else?

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Angel Soft.  As always, all opinions are mine.  Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.