Our Summer Home

The sweet laid back days of summer always seem to fly by.  Before we know it we will all be obsessing over pumpkin lattes and Christmas trees.  But until then, I try to save the little things summer brings.  I am embracing a quieted home and the life that is growing all around me.

I shared awhile back about the little garden we put in on the side of our house.  It now has a proper sign and organization making watering the vegetables a little more enjoyable.

In the summer I like our front door to be wreathless.  Taking down the wreath always makes for a lighter narrow hallway.  I am enjoying the extra natural light we get this time of year.

Every Memorial Day weekend I put our flags out in the front yard and leave them up all summer.  I usually am pretty sick of them come the sign of all things pumpkin.  But I make the effort to put them up because I think it adds a lot to the summer season.  I love driving by homes with their flags up and hope our little corner house adds some patriotism to this time of year.

I've been enjoying blooms around the house.

It gets a lot warmer in the house during this time of year so I try to keep my plants plenty hydrated.  They created a pretty collection one day during a mass watering.

The first bloom of every seasonal flower is always so magical.  Our hydrangeas have started to pop up and it makes me so happy!

We hosted a small family gathering for my mother in law's birthday earlier this summer.  It was fun to put together a few little details.

Washi tape was the theme for the gift wrap.

The summer season is already going so quickly.  Hope you are soaking up every sun filled moment!