Tissue Paper Tassel and Paper Straw Drink Stirrer: Tutorial

For my Sparkling 30th Birthday Party I wanted to dress up the table with some sparkling inspired details.  For each drinking cup, I made up these tissue paper tassels with paper straws as stir sticks.  It was an easy DIY that helped dress up the table creating a festive tablescape.

For the tassels I cut up strips of tissue paper.  I used two pieces of tissue paper for each tassel but you could use more or less based on how fluffy you want them.

I then folded over the tissue paper a few times and then cut strips 3/4 of the way down.  I also cut the two folded edges on each side.

I then wrapped the cut tassel around a paper straw.

After that, wrap a piece of washi tape to adhere the tissue paper to the straw.

Such a quick and easy project and mindless enough to knock out while watching TV!  Happy tassel making!