Color Crush: Navy, Black, and Pink--Adding Bold Patterns

It is no secret I love the colors navy and pink but it was not until just recently that I realized how the colors could pull a room together.  I have been filling the walls with those two colors for awhile but there is something about investing in pillows that always gets me.  While also incorporating some black prints--made for some bold decor changes in our living room that I have been working on throughout the summer.

Pillows can be expensive.  Especially when you think you found the right ones and a few months later are tired of them.  I am a huge advocate for investing in neutral big ticket items like furniture and time consuming projects like wall color.  But pillows are always so hard for me.  They make a big difference in such a small piece of fabric fluff. 

So I jumped on the black and white (and navy) bandwagon for just the right amount of pop of pattern and contrast.  Light colored pillows would get washed out on our light colored couch and colorful pillows made the room feel too busy and bright. 

Part of the trick was finding pillows I liked, let alone ones at the right price.  I lucked out one morning at HomeGoods and bought almost all of these pillows in one shopping trip.  I really think the key to putting pillows together is how they work together.  Being able to buy them at the same time allowed me to visually see how they would look together before purchasing.  I do not always have the luxury of finding multiple pillows in one trip or financially am able to purchase so many at a time.  But our living room was in need of a change and I had held on to my old pillows for long enough. 

Both pillows with pink also have navy in them making them pop a little but still match well with the darker pillows.  This was one of the easiest yet biggest changes to a room that, for the most part, has been the same for over a year now.  Whatever was bugging me about this room has subsided as all I needed were some pillows to bring the room together.  A lot easier than moving the TV placement (which is permanently attached to the wall--which we have moved at least twice in the past) or repainting the whole room--which were my two solutions for some time.  My little striped walls thank me for giving them a little bit of a longer life!

Though we do not entertain in this room a lot, we use it everyday.  Whether it be entertaining my nephews or watching our nightly TV line up, I wanted this room to be simple, pulled together, and useable.  The setup based on the length of the room and size of our couches makes it tricky to move things around without losing a lot of needed open space.  Finding how the room can work for us was the first goal.  Styling it in a way that I like it comes second.  And who knew that would come so easily in some pretty new pillows?

My mom picked up another fiddle leaf fig for me from Home Depot for $15.  It gets lots of light and adds some green to the space.  I spray painted the bottom of the pot gold.

Though I am not a huge fan of fake plants or flowers, I have grown quite fond of silk orchids.  My (florist) mom gets these great big life like orchids from one of her wholesalers.  I am in love with how big and colorful this one is and that I get to keep it around long term!

I also will admit I have not always been a huge fan of the pouf but this knitted one on clearance wooed me into buying it.  I am often hesitant with design trends as I want things that will last awhile.  I like to change out trendy items that are easy and inexpensive like wall art.  But as I take small risks at bringing things into my home (and keeping the tags on and receipt handy for at least a week!) I am able to play around with new looks I want to try.  I am often surprised that it is in just a few trendy pieces that make a room look more upscale. 

So that is what my home has been up to since we finished our hardwood floors.  I am getting to a place of simplicity and knowing what I love.  It is a peaceful time of home decor in our house and my sweet husband has no complaints about that!