Backyard Fire Pit, Smores, and Community

As I sat looking at these photos still sitting on my computer waiting for me to post about, I couldn't help but ask myself, where did fall go?  In a blink we are full into Christmas.  So I look at those little pumpkins with fondness that just weeks ago I was still taking in the stillness of the fall season.

I suppose this is my goal this winter.  To look back at it and remember some of it's slowness.  It is a pretty difficult task but I am up to the challenge.  So as I watch Christmas trees getting purchased and gift wrap ideas fill my social media feeds, I share with you a little fall backyard fire pit and smores night.  Because no matter what the season, spending sweet evenings like this with good friends is enjoyable all year around.

For my women's group, we take turns hosting our group each week.  Earlier this month I had the pleasure of having this lovely group of women over for a little backyard fire pit time.  I set up some smores along with a few other snacks to enjoy an intimate evening around the fire catching up on each other's lives.

Nothing like fire and mood lighting to make a night feel magical.  

Seeing people connect in my home is one of my most favorite gifts in life.  I may occasionally hide in my introverted corner but to set a tone for a gathering that welcomes people to slip into relationship with one another fills my spirit.

So thank you for putting up with my pumpkin decorated fire pit evening.  As we jump into the Christmas season, I encourage you to slow down, connect, and take in the beautiful opportunities we have to spend with others.