Our Christmas Decorated Front Porch

This year for our Christmas front porch I used some green wreaths and plenty of lights to brighten up the front yard display.  I used the same ribbon that I used on the indoor decor--pretty black and white stripes.

Ever since we added trim around our front door, the door seems to demand a large wreath presence.  We have one large wreath that I decided to use indoors this year so this team of two wreaths helps add a little more weight to the door decor.

This year I decided to line our fence with tree trimmings and bows.  We cut branches from the tree in our yard and hung them at each large post of the fence.  Since we live on the corner, I love how the trimmings wrap around the street.

I am pretty proud but was also scared for my life that I hung up all of our outdoor lights myself this year.  It was the day of our holiday party and Brent was still working on the fireplace.  My determined self offered to climb up onto the roof and hang the lights.  No ladder, just me hanging off the side of the roof.  It was intense.

They came out quite well in my opinion and besides the whole maybe falling off the roof issue, were not really that hard to put up. 

I just adore how everything lights up at night.

I love being able to peer into people's homes and see their Christmas tree lit up.  I always try to be intentional in creating a little scene in each of our windows.