How To Make Dehydrated Apple Chips

I love dehydrated apples.  And I especially love that I can make them at home.  They are super easy to make and are such a healthy snack that I can freely indulge in.

First I cut up the apples.  I like to use my apple peeler to do all the work for me.  Most apple chips are made without the skin but I like to keep the skin on.  It doesn't make much difference in taste to me plus I like the idea of getting all the good nutrients that are in the skin.

Then I just take the apple apart and place in the dehydrator.  Whenever apples are really inexpensive I like to buy a whole bunch and make apple chips and fruit roll ups in the dehydrator.

I have a really old school dehydrator.  It's an American Harvest and it is the one I grew up with.  So if you don't have a dehydrator, any modern day one will work.  I appreciate that this one has lasted for so many years!

It takes at least around six hours to dehydrate.  I usually run mine all day or put it on a timer to run overnight.  But each dehydrator comes with specific instructions for how long and what temperature to run it.

So when life needs some slowing down (and I don't want to pay a crazy amount for apple chips from the store) I love pulling out my dehydrator.  It feels very 1980's remembering dehydrating things back in the day with my mom.  I have still yet to try making beef jerky in it.  One of these days.