DIY Recycled Citronella Candles

I have always had a hard time finding cute citronella candles.  And the ones that I did have eventually got all dirty and bug infested because of the natural outdoor elements.  So when I uncovered four half used and dirty citronella tins, I decided to revive them for a second life.

I warmed them up in a big pot with a little water, just enough where the wax started to melt.  Using the same method as my DIY canning jar candles, I placed a wick in the jars and filled with the melted wax.

There is something so fulfilling about taking something old and making it into something new.  I was pretty proud.

Three new and clean citronella candles that look absolutely adorable out on the patio.  Plus I use the lids to keep them covered while they are not in use to keep them from getting weathered or dirty.  These would make great summer hostess gifts as well!  I am in love!