Homemade Light Italian Cream Soda

I am a big fan of Italian cream sodas but wanted a lighter version to make at home.  Plus at night when I wanted something a little sweet to drink but didn't want to consume caffeine (in soda or coffee) this recipe quickly became my go to.

What makes this drink light is the almond milk and sugar free Torani syrup.  You can use any flavor combination of syrup.  This time around I used peach but I also like to play with flavor combinations including coconut, black cherry, and vanilla.  And if you want to make this a little creamier, you can always use coffee creamer.  It's pretty amazing that way as well. 

Italian Cream Soda

1/4 cup almond milk
1 cup club soda
2-4 tablespoons sugar free torani syrup

Mix all ingredients together over ice.  Enjoy!

*We love the soda fizz keeper pumps that helps keep 2 liter bottles from going flat.