Backyard Dinner Party and Chocolate Fountain Bar

For Mother's Day this year we hosted both of our moms for a backyard dinner party.  The weather is always so perfect that it makes for a lovely evening of chatting while the sun goes down. 

I decided to pull out the chocolate fountain for a sweet and fun dessert bar.  The previous week was pretty busy so setting up the chocolate fountain actually eased some of my busy by not having to bake anything. 

To accompany the chocolate I put out store bought pound cake, doughnut holes, cookies, pretzels, marshmallows, strawberries, and bananas. 

I put out skewers to make kebabs or toothpicks to dip one item at a time.

I used this mini chalkboard from Target to dress the table and my Anthropologie napkin holder continues to impress while remaining highly functional.  The Target bar cart is now also proving to be the official lemonade holder.

We served up tamales with some other Mexican food sides.  I also made a big batch of tortilla soup.  I used these plastic bowls for the soup as well as adding a little color to the simple tablescape.

I keep an eye out for cute paper napkins to change up the table decor.  These ones are from Target but I also love to hunt for them at TJ-Maxx and HomeGooods. 

These beautiful flowers were gifted to me at the last moms group meeting we had.  It was so nice to enjoy them as a thank you from the group as well as serve as our Mother's Day centerpiece.

Having a variety of folding tables allows me to change things up based on what the festivities include as well as how many people we are hosting. 

For a gift I made little modpodged photo tiles with glitter and tied them to my DIY mason jar candles.  Moms can be hard to buy for but they always enjoy family photos!

The little flower garden areas have filled in well over the years.  They are creating pretty little pockets of green.  Whenever I find a new little view of the backyard, you can surely find a photo of it on Instagram!

I added a new flower bed (not pictured) and I get so impatient seeing it look so small and bare.  I have to remind myself when looking at the more established plants that they have taken years to get to this place.  Landscaping and creating a lush garden take serious patience.  Years people. 

Our grass is looking pretty sad because we haven't been watering it due to the drought.  Though it is sad to see it actually isn't that bad considering it is still somewhat green without any extra watering at all.

Another beautiful evening spent outdoors in the company of others.  I am so glad that life and time allows us to slow down and enjoy spending time with people and being outside.