Girl's Night Card Making Party

Over the summer while my mom's group is on break, we have had a few events to keep in touch since we are not meeting on a regular basis.  Last month I hosted a girl's night in my home where we made cards. 

Some women from our church make Stampin' Up! cards and had volunteered their time and resources to host a class for us.  I will admit, it was a treat to have other people come in and prepare the craft materials in my own home! 

I set up our card making space in the dining room.  We had just the right amount of women to all fit around my dining table!

For our food and drinks, I put out lemonade and coffee.  The coffee was set up so that the ladies could make their own iced coffees.  I just brewed up some hot coffee and put out all the coffee fixings.  I made sure to have plenty of ice and glasses with plastic straws.

We had a wonderful time making cards, catching up, and sipping on our iced coffees!

Our hostesses gave us free reign to recreate their designs with our own spin.  Here are how the cards turned out.

I always love gathering friends around a craft.  It seems to keep conversation going as we bond over a project.  Plus we all get to go home with a little something for ourselves!