Girl's Craft Night: Yarn Art

I recently hosted a girl's craft night for my mom's group.  We had an overabundance of yarn donated to our group so we put it to good use.

I found a range of tutorials for yarn art so that each of the ladies could choose which craft they wanted to do and was appropriate to their craft skill level/willingness!

I also recently purchased TableTopics cards.  I went with the dinner party theme as it seemed most fitting for a range of get togethers (girl's nights, family dinners, dinner parties).  Each card has a talking prompt and I handed out a card to each girl to answer.  This provided an opportunity for everyone to share and get to know each other better while we crafted.

We had just enough women to fit all the way around our dining table.  It was the perfect size for conversation with enough elbow room for creating.

I set up an iced coffee bar again that has proven to be a huge hit all summer long.

It was a simple and fun night proving how far a bunch of yarn can go!  Less planning on my part made for a stress free evening where I simply got to enjoy the company.