Halloween Driveway Party

On Halloween this year we carried on our new tradition of hosting a little gathering out on our driveway for neighbors, family, and friends to come by to hang out while we pass out candy to trick or treaters.  We set up our projector and screen to show a Halloween themed movie, barbecue hot dogs, roast marshmallows, and new this year - have a photo booth for costumed guests to take their picture.

We set up hot chocolate and coffee for keeping warm.

We try to make the gathering easy and casual by serving smores and hot dogs.

For the photo booth we used a work light to brighten up the space as it got dark.

Barbecued hot dogs and polish dogs kept warm in my Crock Pot Hook Ups.

Having the photo booth proved to be a hit.  It allowed families to get in a group photo with adequate night time lighting.

Being out in our driveway allowed neighbors and friends to stop by, grab a bite to eat, and show off their costumes.  A few of our neighbors participated in hosting friends in their driveway as well.  It created a great feeling of community as we could come and go between each others homes.

And here are my cutie nephews' adorable costumes!  Both handmade by their mom!

We were so pleased to have such a great turn out this year.  A few of my friends with younger children commented on how the low key vibe of the night was just what they wanted.  Being able to hang out and trick or treat at just a few houses was much more enjoyable then trying to fight crowds somewhere else.

As the night grew on we enjoyed seeing some of the older kids come by to trick or treat.  The pre-teen girls were especially excited to have me take a picture of them in the photo booth!  It was the cutest!

My parents even dressed up!  I was impressed! 

Our staple Fred and Wilma costume has yet to get old.  We still get compliments every year!

It was another great year of fun out in the driveway.  The enthusiasm only seems to build each year -- with other neighbors wanting to join in on the fun!  A great reminder that community takes time and that I am grateful for the blessings that comes from a little patience.