Christmas Home Tour - Part 2

Today I am sharing Part 2 of my Christmas Home Tour which includes the master bedroom and outdoor decor (see Part 1 here).  For our bedroom I hung up a few simple feathered wreaths for a festive touch to the room.

The little white tree can be seen from down the hallway when it is lit up at night.

I continued the theme of red and white striped ribbon that I used in the other wreaths around the house.

It really is the little things sometimes.  I am surprised at how much I enjoy the simple presence of these wreaths.  It is a sweet detail to begin and end each day with.

For our front yard I used a variety of greenery and some thicker red and white striped ribbon to match the indoor decor.

I love the simple look of green and red together.  It is just enough of a statement without being overdone.

Another year of simple Christmas decor that is reminding me that less is more.  Now to sit back and enjoy it all!