It's a...BOY OR GIRL??? // Gender Reveal

I am excited to announce the gender of our little one today!  We celebrated with family this weekend with a small gender reveal party (which I will be sharing about soon!). 

We found out the gender on Wednesday at our ultrasound appointment.  The technician said it so nonchalantly that I wasn't even sure if I missed something!  But after repeating it multiple times, I finally figured it out!

I am still wrapping my head around the reality of having a boy and all the responsibilities and joys that will come with it.  I am excited to have a mini Brent running around and am completely overwhelmed at the thought of raising up a good man. 

I'll admit, we were a bit team pink.  But I know that the Lord gives us exactly what we need.  I am looking forward to being in awe and amazement at how this little guy will perfectly complement our family.  Plus we have been joking that we will probably save a lot of money with a more limited variety of cute boy stuff to buy.  Because you guys, I want all the girly things!  Brent keeps telling me every time we go into a baby store that I have to stop naturally gravitating towards the girl section!  It will take some practice to break my girlish ways!

And as you can imagine, I have started to dream up nursery design and carefully curating our little man's stylish wardrobe (I'll be unlocking all those secret Pinterest boards soon!).  It's going to be fun, challenge me creatively, and be an adventure to say the least. 

Little boy, we love you and are so excited you will be joining our family!