Sewing Projects: Baby Edition

A few weeks after I finished up our baby boy's little quilt, I was a mad sewing woman busting out projects one after another.  I ended up tackling much more than I ever imagined, receiving a renewed confidence in my sewing abilities.  I am no master seamstress, but these simple baby projects made me feel like a pro!

I must mention that I am not one to follow a pattern.  I found a few easy tutorials online that I could do with maybe taking a few measurements.  They were all pretty simple and could be individually completed in a few hours.  I will link the tutorial I used under each project photo below.

The car seat cover was my first project that was actually inspired by one a mom was using while I was at the fabric store (all fabric from Joann's).  She was buying neutral baby boy fabric almost identical to mine.  I really should have chatted her up because I am sure we would have become life long fabric soul mates.  But I didn't.  But because of her I have a cute polka dot car seat cover with a peek-a-boo grey pattern interior.  I absolutely love it!

Car Seat Cover Tutorial

Once I tackled the car seat cover I felt like I could take on anything.  Pretty much anything with extra supplies besides fabric and thread intimidated me.  But I have learned to embrace velcro and d-rings now.  It was a major sewing breakthrough.  

It seemed fun to have a matching nursing cover to go with the car seat cover and last minute I decided to add the grey and white fabric as trim on the bottom.  Then I had extra gold binding from the quilt to finish it all off.  It all magically came together in an unplanned way!

Nursing Cover Tutorial

Since taking care of my nephews I have found that I prefer bibs that can also act as a towel for wiping down hands and high chair after feeding.  So I went with some dark colored flannel bibs that would not stain as easily and are a bit more absorbent.

The tutorial I used did require a pattern.  But I ended up just using a bib I had for my nephews as a pattern to trace.

Fabric Bib Tutorial

And lastly I made a few pacifier/toy clips which were especially easy and quick to bust out.  Plus they are a great way to use up scrap fabric!

Pacifier Clip Tutorial

My next project is a boppy cover but I have lost a bit of my sewing momentum!  Hoping to tackle this last project soon!

Boppy Slipcover Tutorial 

// I guess you could call all of this a form of nesting.  As each day seems to fly by, the reality of this baby is becoming more evident.  I look forward to snuggling our little guy in a few short months as I tote him around in our coordinating baby gear!