Spring Front Yard 2016

Every Spring I wait like a giddy child for just the right moment to snap some photos of our front yard.  First I have to wait for the flowers to bloom.  But then I have to be a little more patient and wait for a perfectly overcast day to get these magical and romantic images.  I then run out into the street with my camera as cars drive by.  I don't care what people think - this is my flower moment!  It is most definitely worth the wait and even though I do this every year, it still brings me so much joy.

I really believe that investing in and caring for beautiful plants in your yard is a gift to yourself year after year.  It has taken years for me to accumulate a garden that I love - slowly buying things and figuring out what works best and looks best based on climate and personal taste.  It's definitely been a labor of love but I am happy to be at a place where I am doing less work in the yard and more of just simply enjoying it. 

I try to stagger out my blooming trees both in our front and back yards.  I have a mix of spring blooming trees as well as a handful of pink crepe myrtles that will bloom in the summer.  Having flowers bloom throughout the seasons is such a treat for the eyes!

I also try to be intentional of where I have planted the trees.  We use them in front of certain windows of our house to add a little privacy.  And I cluster them in the yard to create balance throughout our garden beds.

And in case you couldn't tell, I have a thing for pink and white!  It seems to work well against our neutral colored house and I have found that finding a consistent color theme makes everything look better together.  Plus it keeps me accountable to not just buying every pretty flower plant I see!  Having a clear direction for what I want helps me only buy what is really necessary in filling in gaps.

Growing up, my mom told me that they had planted a blooming tree outside of my bedroom window for me to look at.  It didn't mean much to me at the time.  But now I find myself doing the same thing.  I need a flowering tree in front of every window so that I have a pretty view to look out to!  Though I may have not fully appreciated that tree out my childhood window, little did I know I was being trained to fill my surroundings with beautiful things to look at!

Here is the tree that is in front of our large kitchen window.  I always try to take a picture from inside the house but it doesn't do the tree justice.  But it really is a beautiful sight to see each spring while I am in the kitchen.

So thank you for letting me indulge you today in my overabundance of flower photos!  Spring really is magical as it awakens us from the cold of winter.  I am so thankful for the reminder of new life that a little sunlight and refreshment can provide.