Baby's First Year: A Baby Book

I'm an attention to details kind of girl.  Curating all the fun baby things this pregnancy has been so much fun for me.  While most new moms have their noses in pregnancy books, I have been soaking up the world of cute baby things.  I have been pinning and saving screenshots of Instagram photos for awhile now of adorable ideas and baby products I hoped to have one day.  This baby book was most definitely one on the top of my list.

Our son's baby book is from Lucy Darling (which you can also find on Amazon) and I first spotted these sweet little baby books in a boutique while on vacation.  Of course I fell in love with the baby girl one - the pretty flowers are very Riffle Paper Co-ish.  So when it came time to pick out a baby book for our little guy, there was no question that the Lucy Darling book was the chosen favorite.  

Here are a few snapshots of the pages I have filled out so far.  I did as much as I could now before baby comes so that it was one less thing to try to remember to do when we are knee deep in the newness of parenting.  The book has pages for each month up to a year as well as birthdays that end with the first day of school.  It is very thorough yet simple and will surely be a cherished book for years to come.

There are quite a few blank pages in the back for other little keepsakes.  I used most of the pages for pregnancy stuff, figuring I wanted the focus to be more on the baby part (there will surely be other scrapbooks when he is older).  I left a few pages free for future use as well as room to write a little bit about his birth.

I took digital pictures of all our ultrasound photos so that I have them in savable files.  Now they can live happily in the baby book. 

It has been so much fun to fill up this baby book.  I made a long to do list of things I needed to do before baby came and this was one of them.  Having the list has helped me really prioritize my time, knowing how grateful I will be that this is something already done.

But now that I am finished, taking the time to work on it was just another bonding moment with our baby.  Making the time to be thoughtful about what I would want to share with him before he is here was a special moment for me.  My personal to do list of house chores and blog work has been put aside so that I can give these last weeks the time and attention it deserves as we prepare for the coming of our baby boy.