Our First Week Home with Baby

We are just about approaching the two month mark with our baby boy and it seems like our first week together was ages ago.  While we were overwhelmed with lack of sleep, figuring out nursing, and getting through recovery, looking back at our first week is full of nostalgic firsts.  What a whirlwind experience to go through labor and then be trusted to take that little one home the next day!  I am grateful to look back now with such fond memories of our early days with our son.

Brent took this picture of us on our first day home - baby and mommy crash after returning home from the hospital.  I remember waking up to hearing Brent cleaning dishes and putting away all our hospital gear and thinking how blessed I was to be married to such a wonderful man. 

There were lots of sleepy snuggles.  

We took our first car ride on our second day home to go to our first pediatrician appointment.

We ended up going back to the doctor's office three times to get his weight checked as I figured out nursing and waited for my milk to come in.  It was a hard few days figuring everything out but having to get out multiple days in a row gave us the confidence we needed to get out of the house.  We enjoyed a good few weeks of a sleepy baby that let us enjoy eating out and lots of walking with the stroller at the air conditioned mall!

We started baby wearing and got in a few family walks.

Family came to visit and so he got to meet all of his sweet cousins.

The days at home were slow and sweet.  Here baby is sleeping as dad serenades us with his guitar.

I started taking a weekly photo to watch our little guy grown (you can find them all on instagram).  It has been so fun to see him change each week.  Plus we usually get at least one outtake that is particularly funny!

And pretty much since birth, he has been able to hold his head up.  Such a strong boy!

What a blessing our baby boy is.  We are still trying to find our groove but it is pretty amazing to look back seven weeks later and see how far we have come.  What seems almost like a blur - I am so grateful for these photos that take me back to these special first days together.