One Goal A Month

Hello there.  I realize I only posted twice in the month of January!  Yikes.  I blame it on our three weeks of house guests (which was wonderful by the way).  But as I flipped my planner to the next month this week I briefly looked back at January.  I had one goal for the month - to choose a sleep training method for our son.

It felt good to cross that off.  Literally one night of sleep training (and honestly, months of half effort of sleep training) and our little one is finally sleeping through the night.  High fives all around!!!  (And in case you were concerned, all was okayed by our pediatrician.)

Now on to February.  It had been on my heart for a few days so I wrote down my goal of "blogging before social media".  This means instead of posting and browsing on social media in my free time, I want to sit at my desk, edit pictures, and write.  Mostly because I am behind and because I need it. 

Blogging is so much better for me than social media.  It forces me to really sit down with my thoughts and use my online space more intentionally.  Here's to hoping February will have more than two blog posts this month (I'm already half way there!).

I wanted to jot down a few more goals.  But I knew if I wrote down more I wouldn't focus on the one.  There are plenty of other things I would love to accomplish this month but I need to allow myself the chance to succeed at just one. 

Between balancing mommyhood, continued efforts at settling into our new home, taking time out for my health (exercising and cooking), and making friends in our new town, I do not need a long list of goals or to-dos.  I noticed that the area of social media was getting out of balance and I didn't want to lose momentum with blogging where I wait too long and never come back. 

So there you have it.  One goal a month.  Totally doable while still being super motivating.  I am feeling good about it. 

The thing I am learning the most from this move with a baby is that I have to be okay with taking things slower than I used to.  The days seem to just slip by and I wonder what I accomplished besides keeping my son alive and getting another load into the laundry.  But I am getting there and it is in these small monthly goals that I look at 2017 with hope for a slow but still productive year.