Favorite Board Books | Around the House

Our little guy has started to show more interest in books and it has been so much fun to read with him.  We have a few favorites to read that are also super cute and look great around the house.  Win win for mom and baby!

Like the toys, we have books scattered around the house in baskets or bins in each room.  I like to have access to a few things at all times.  Plus varying what we play with in each room seems to keep our son's interest.  Every few weeks I gather the toys and switch them up in each room.

We have quite a few books and only read certain ones at this point so they usually stay in the same place.  I have incorporated the books into our shelf decor both in our living room and our son's bedroom.  The ones that fit in with my neutral with hints of blue color palette get corralled in our living room space.  These wire baskets are also perfect for being able to see what is in each basket while still looking stylish (please excuse my TJ-Maxx price tag still on one!).  I use the white bins and wicker baskets for hiding not as pretty toys.

I don't love having toys and books spread out all over the place.  But if I am going to have to look at it all day, they might as well be cute.  I am a sucker for anything bright and cheerful.  They add a sweet pop of color to our fairly neutral house and nursery.

So here is a list of some of our favorite board books:

Travel Books:
I love picking up children's books as a souvenir when we travel.  The simple text and pictures take me back to our favorite places.

Paris: A Book of Shapes (Hello, World)
All Aboard! Paris: A French Primer 
All Aboard! California: A Landscape Primer
All Aboard! New York City: A City Primer
New York: A Book of Colors (Hello, World)
San Francisco: A Book of Numbers (Hello, World)
London: A Book of Opposites (Hello, World)

Interactive Board Books:
We don't have a ton of these but the few we do enjoy are great for helping him interact with reading.

Peekaboo! A Fun Mirror Game (couldn't find a link to this one)
Baby Touch and Feel: Farm
Baby Touch and Feel: Tractor

Usborne Books:
Such beautiful, well made, and a variety of age appropriate books.  Many of these are my son's favorites.

123 Counting
Baby's Very First Black and White Library
Colors (Very First Words)
Nursery Rhymes (Very First)
On the Farm
Very First ABC

Usborne books can be ordered through an independent consultant.  If you do not know of one, I highly recommend my sister in law.  She is a mom and teacher and is happy to help you find the right books for any age group.

Katie Vogt with Usborne Books & More
Shopping Site: L5996.myubam.com
Facebook: The Book Nook

Books with meaning:
Sweet books that display love or faith for little ones.

My Dad is the Best Playground
God Knows All About Me
Baby's First Bible
You Are My Cupcake

Books on my wish list:

Hello, World! Solar System
All Aboard! Pacific Northwest: A Recreation Primer
All Aboard! Washington D.C.: A Capitol Primer
In The Beginning
Hello, Animals!

// Do you have any favorite board books?  I would love to hear which ones!