Monthly Photo: Baby's First Year


Along with a weekly photo, we also documented our son's first year with a monthly photo.  It was especially fun to document some of his likes and dislikes each month giving a brief look at whatever stage he was in at the moment.  With how much they quickly change in the first year, this was such a great way to document it all!

Much like our weekly photos, I went with a similar look each month but with a different color scheme.  I used different colored blankets as the backdrop and a simple patterned onesie highlighting a monthly sticker.  I used my camera to take the photo (less blurry wiggly baby!), uploaded it to my phone, edited it in Snapseed, and then added the text using the Be Funky Photo App.  I also added a square background so that the entire image could be viewed on the square Instagram format (and why the photos have such large gaps between each other in this post!).