Steamed Eggnog: Lactose Free

I have gone a little crazy with my cozy warm drinks this winter.  Here is another new favorite drink that I am making on repeat - steamed eggnog.  And for those who need it - it even comes lactose free!  I am not lactose intolerant but for the most part I cut back when I can which means I rarely have regular milk anymore.

This recipe can be made with or without the lactose.  I used Almond Breeze this time around for the eggnog substitute but I have also used Silk brand as well.  I just get whatever my grocery store happens to have in stock.

It is also great to add to coffee or tea or even to drink all on it's own!  But for something warm and festive I hope you will give this steamed eggnog a try!

Lactose Free Steamed Eggnog

1 cup of almond/soy milk eggnog
1/2 cup of lactose free milk


2:1 ratio eggnog to milk (I just eyeball and pour into a mug)

Pour ingredients into mug.  Warm in microwave.  Use a hand frother to froth.  Enjoy!