First Birthday Pancake Dinner

Before the holidays I was catching up on sharing about our son's first birthday from last summer.  Today I am picking up with my final post of the festivities.  My parents were visiting at the time so I put together a small pancake dinner celebrating our little guy.  He had just started getting the hang of table food and especially loved pancakes.  It made for a simple yet fun dinner with our family.

Using the banners and leftover napkins (from Target) from his birthday party, I put together a blue themed tablescape highlighting our meal and the birthday boy.  So here are a million photos of a very simple but extremely special little birthday dinner!  (Placemats from World Market)

We were still cutting up food pretty small at this point but for the sake of photos I let him have the whole mini stack to himself.  He was so excited he was shaking!  It was pretty darn sweet and a favorite memory I will have from that day.  We quickly took away the pancakes and cut them up when I was done taking photos but it sure was adorable.

And in case you were curious how I take my pancakes - almond butter, bananas, syrup, and cool whip!  Oh my!  Talk about breakfast dessert for dinner!

Afterwards he opened his gifts - just a few from us and a bunch that were sent in the mail by our sweet family.  Even across the country this boy is spoiled rotten!  I, of course, had fun styling the gifts on our new coffee table which we had recently just purchased.

I cannot believe this was already six months ago.  Time sure does seem to fly by these days with a little one.  But a very special first birthday for our sweet boy and this new mama.