Adjusting Habits With The Season

I recently posted on Instagram about a little habit change that I have made.  From now on, if I know that we are going somewhere later in the day or evening (or if there is a chance that we are), I am going to start getting dressed and ready during nap time.

I am trying to be more aware of times when I am grumpy.  Over the past few weeks I kept noticing that when we as a family were heading out for the afternoon or evening, I was often overwhelmed with getting myself and my child's stuff together in a rush.  When we are finally all in the car and on our way, instead of enjoying some time to catch up with my husband I was tired and irritated.

So I thought - what could I do differently to plan better so that come family time I am actually happy and nice??!!!  I tend to be most content when I have things in order.

Day in and day out of taking care of my son and doing our normal weekly routine - for the most part I am pretty happy.  I have a plan and the mental strength to endure on my own.  But when weekends come or outside activities, I found myself getting so flustered when things didn't go my way (which often happens when other people are involved! ;) ). 

So instead of living in irritability I decided I needed to mix up my habits and change priorities.  I took a simple 10-15 minutes to get ready in peace and then moved on to my usual nap time agenda of getting things done.  But by devoting a very small part of my free time to plan ahead (get dressed, pack my son's stuff) I was prioritizing my mood and our time together as a family.

It seems like every few months with a young child, things are constantly changing.  What worked a month ago may no longer apply.

So instead of getting frustrated with myself, my husband, or my son, I am learning to assess the situation and figure out how to fix it.

I get so caught up in productivity that simple things like getting ready don't make it very high in my priority list.  But then I find myself frustrated and flustered when I don't have the time.  So just maybe...getting dressed is actually a priority, just not one I was acknowledging. 

I share all this not so much to focus on the act of getting ready.  But for the fact that sometimes we don't realize how little changes can affect the bigger picture.  Getting dressed and feeling put together was actually affecting my mood, how I felt about myself, and how I felt towards my family.  Making a small tweak in a simple everyday act made for some big changes.

I think so many of our day to day irritants can actually be fixed.  Whether it be a change in routine or simply a change in attitude, I can find a better way to resolve the issue.

These years of having a little one are so precious.  And these years of learning how to be a good mom while also still being a good wife are setting the stage for the rest of our lives.  I don't want to be a grumpy old lady who misses out on these special years now.  And I also don't want to set myself up to be a grumpy old lady when I AM actually old.

So much of my own happiness as well as my family's lies on my shoulders.  By choosing to grow and assess each season, I can help set a positive tone for our family.