My New Favorite Sheets

We recently purchased new sheets for our master bedroom, to replace one of our nearly nine year old sets!  While I pride myself in many domestic practices, I will admit, if I am not very knowledgeable in an area or even don't care much, I always just go with what is easy and the best deal.  And I tend to lean towards what is pretty. 

But when it came to sheets, when my husband and I got married we registered for the prettiest mid-price sheets we could find at Target.  And apparently, they lasted us almost nine years.  That is a fairly good investment I would say!

When we moved to Virginia and started furnishing legit guest bedrooms that now get many weeks of use throughout the year, I went with what I knew - T.J.Maxx.  Pretty and a good deal for mid to high quality sheets.

We bought a mattress for the first time (remember we used to sleep on a futon!?).  And a second one for a queen size guest bed.  This is serious adulting right here. 

And unfortunately the standard size queen sheets I had purchased could not handle the massive fluffiness of the the quality mattress we bought.  It eventually got a tear.

So when I purchased new sheets for the master, I went with whatever looked best online via Target and have been pleasantly surprised with some pretty nice quality, mid range priced sheets.  I liked them so much, I spent the money to replace our queen guest bed once the old sheets started to rip.

Anyways, that is a lot of rambling to get to my point.  I LOVE these new sheets.  We purchased white but they come in other colors.  They have a nice damask stripe that feels subtle and hotel like.  And the best part is an extra elastic piece on each corner of the fitted sheet. 

These are literally the easiest sheets I have ever put on a bed.  And honestly, I think that says a lot.  I HATE changing the sheets!  And now that I am pregnant and have other guest beds to care for, this truly has been a small gift to be able to make a bed with ease.

So if you are an average Jane like me who could care less about thread counts and fabric styles, but is still looking for quality sheets that you won't be wasting money on, these are the ones for you!  Plus, both times I have purchased them (months apart) they happened to be on sale.  So check back and use those Target red cards!