Our Baby Girl's Name

Hello, giant picture of my hands! 

So we finally committed to a name for our baby girl - though I do keep it blank in the baby book...just in case!  And here it is:

Our baby girl will be named Adeline (pronounced ad-uh-line).  And she will share the same middle name that I have - like we did with our son and my husband's middle name.

Unlike our son, the name does not have any special significance this time.  It is just a name that we liked when looking through choices.  We did have a maybe girls name when I was pregnant with our son but we were not as in love with it two years later.  So we came up with something new.

Names are hard to choose and even now it still feels weird to call her by her name.  I remember feeling this way about our son, yet now we find his name so sweet and fitting.  But it has been fun to hear our son say his sister's name and for us to start mentally preparing that we will have another tiny human in our lives in a few short months! 

We hope and pray that she will be kind and adventurous as we feel like this name portrays.  I look forward to getting to know our sweet girl soon and seeing her blossom into this name we have given her.

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