Our Breech Baby Flipped: A Pregnancy Update

The last few weeks have been a bit crazy.  We found out our baby girl was breech adding a whole new set of things to worry about.  Here I thought living an hour away from the hospital with possible snow and not having family around was my main concern!  But I am learning that this season of struggling with our living conditions has passed.  This woe is me over living in the country and being away from family has sort of normalized and it is time for me to continue growing in new ways.  So these past few weeks of surrendering and growing of my faith over how our baby girl will come to the world has been good but challenging.

I have been documenting some of my thoughts over on Instagram and via text with family and friends.  For memories sake and wanting it all documented in one place, I pulled it all together to share here.

Instagram update:

We found out some disappointing news yesterday about a small possible complication for our baby girl's arrival.  As I got up to pray this morning I was reminded that at the end of the day it truly doesn't matter how our baby girl comes into the world - all we want is a healthy child.  But what does matter is my heart change that goes on in these coming weeks of waiting and having the faith to trust whatever outcome her delivery will result in.  I don't want to miss the opportunity to grow by worrying.  But instead continue to blossom into a woman of faith, perseverance, and strength. My current circumstances are simply a stepping stone to the person I am becoming.  Letting my chains fall. | 36 weeks

Text messages:

We had our appointment today and since two weeks ago she has flipped around and is now head up.  We have scheduled to meet with a doctor instead of a midwife on Thursday to do an ultrasound and discuss options if she is still breech.  They can try a version to flip her around if she is in a safe position at 37 weeks (next week) and again at 39 weeks.  The procedure could cause me to go into labor so we will need to be prepared for that - the appointment would be scheduled another day after our ultrasound Thursday.  If she doesn't flip or I go into labor while still breached they will have to do a c section.  This was a bit sad/scary/disappointing to hear but we are praying for peace over however she arrives.  Best case she will flip.  The midwife told me I can try putting my feet up on the couch and arms on the floor to help her change position. Or the old wives tale of frozen veggies on her head to get her to move!  Anyways, prayers appreciated as we wait out what happens next.

Update on baby girl: We had our ultrasound today and she is still breech.  I saw a chiropractor yesterday (and will again this afternoon) and have been doing some moves to help her flip.  But we decided to schedule a version for tomorrow at 9 am for best chances of getting her to flip in hopes of a normal vaginal birth.  The "magic hands" expert flipping doctor was only available tomorrow.  And we feel like this will be the best odds - greater chance for more room to move by doing it now versus waiting.  But there is a chance I could go into labor or need a c section if the baby separates from the placenta - but the doctor thinks her placement is far enough where this shouldn't happen.  So we will be dropping off our son with a friend knowing she may need to keep him for a couple of days if this happens.  But we are hoping she will flip and I can carry on with a normal pregnancy.

Instagram update:

A week ago we found our baby girl was breech.  With much fear and disappointment I saw a chiropractor and did some moves at home to try to get her to flip naturally.  But at 37 weeks there was only so much time left to try to do anything.  After much consideration and prayer we scheduled a version for today where a doctor would attempt to flip her.  This past week leading to today has been an emotionally draining one.  There has been a lot of surrendering and growing of my faith.  I allowed myself to reach out to others for support in new ways - and specifically to the small support system we have built here without our family around.  And it has been a week that has changed me.

So this morning we saw doctor "magic hands" - the veteran expert at flipping.  And he worked his magic.  Our baby girl successfully flipped and is right where she is supposed to be!  It was a painful and crazy experience to feel someone maneuver a human inside of me!

But I am so thankful for our amazing hospital that we choose to drive to an hour away weekly now.  I'm grateful for the empowerment I feel over my body to endure such a procedure.  And I'm so thankful for my husband who was by my side.

Now I still have labor to endure!  But I'm grateful for this moment to pause.  To grow, trust, and surrender to the process.  My baby girl is already helping me blossom in ways I've never imagined.


Things I want to remember from the procedure (typed out in a memo on my phone):

-a few days before the procedure we saw a chiropractor who did the Webster method and showed us moves - sifting with wrap
-setting up the procedure with the magic hands doctor - being told, "if anyone can do it, he can!"
-streaming our church's live feed of 21 days of prayer the morning of.  Being reminded in the power of the name of Jesus when we run out of words to pray.
-gave me medication for relaxing my uterus - when my heart started racing they knew it was starting to work!
-Doctor was old school and said no epidural so I could be in tune with the pain and not force anything
-full room of students and doctors watching and cheering him on
-practicing doctor was the most painful
-him sitting down and using the ultrasound to get in and see everything
-staring at the red sticker on the ceiling and just breathing
-nurse Jennifer so supportive and coaching
-took a few tries, almost got her once, could see the determination on his face!
-feeling him turn her and trying to just relax despite the pain so he could get her all the way around - and he did!
-Live with Kelly and Ryan on the TV in the background
-Dr. Ferguson grabbing my hand and saying how good I did, told Brent I was a rock
-afterwards, the pb&j uncrustable tasting so good after fasting since the night before!
-celebrating with Brent at our favorite burger place about a successful flip.  Just a week before I was tearing up in the same restaurant over the fear of what was to come.  So grateful.


I am now 38 weeks and we are going in twice a week for monitoring due to the procedure.  So far everything looks great and baby girl is still head down.  We are hoping that I will be able to carry on with a normal pregnancy and hopefully go into labor on my own (unlike with my son).  It all still feels scary and new since I was induced last time but I am so grateful that we were able to have a successful version procedure to get baby girl in the best position possible.

The countdown is here!