Baby Shower In A Box - A Long Distance Baby Shower

It was just a normal day.  The little and I arrived home from the gym and had picked up the mail on our way back home.  I had a small pretty little package from my sister in law and had no idea what could be inside.  I opened it up to one of the sweetest and most thoughtful surprises - an invitation to my long distance baby shower.

At this point I had no signs of any type of special celebration for our baby girl - being so far from family and close friends.  And I had come to terms with being okay with that.  But as I opened up this package celebrating me and my baby girl - I lost it.  Legit balling.  It hit my heart deep.

Every little detail was so special. 

How it works is that each of my shower "attendees" got an invitation with directions along with a package of tea and a cookie.  They were each given cards to fill out - words and prayers for both mom and baby and the option to send a gift or gift card that would all get sent in one big box to me.

Everything was beautifully packaged and perfectly thought out.  It was absolutely gorgeous.

Then about a month later this came in the mail for me...

A big box full of love - decked out with pretty details celebrating our baby girl.  What a joy it was to receive!

More than just the gifts, it was the sweet details, thoughtful words, and love that came bursting out of this box that meant so much. 

There were handmade details that I could add to the baby book and special words from friends far away who still hold us close to their hearts.

And the generous gifts were just the icing on the cake - an excuse to splurge on some sweet just for baby girl gifts that have been on my own mom of a daughter dream wish list.

A beautiful gift wrapped box that I saved and framed for baby girl's room.

I spent just as much time taking pictures as I did opening everything!  It was a lot of fun to take in every word and gift - capturing it through photos each step of the way.

  So many sweet details to enjoy and take in.


It was such a beautiful and thoughtful gesture that I will always remember and cherish.  Our sweet girl and I are very loved - and when that love is separated by many miles it is these little reminders that make the distance not so far away.

Thank you to my sweet sister in law and mother in law for organizing this.  And to all my generous friends and family who participated.  Our hearts are full.