Dwelling: A Book For Your Heart And Home

One of my favorite bloggers, authors, fellow home lover, and encourager of woman, Melissa Michaels, has come out with another beautiful and inspiring book - Dwelling.  I have been following her blog, The Inspired Room, for many years and her message and heart she shares online only continues to get better and better.

Over the past two years she has been especially impactful to me personally as we moved across the country and I was looking to create a cozy and peaceful atmosphere in our new home.  During a time of living in a new place, having a baby, and re-finding myself in the midst of it - her words and ideas for the home were a place of encouragement and inspiration as I found peace and solace in my home while the rest of my world seemed flipped upside down.

And even more recently, with my husband having some health struggles and eight months of trying to get pregnant, her thoughts on wellness hit home as I looked for ways to create not only a beautiful home but a healthier one.  Her gentle and inspiring prompting to consider a better way of living was very timely for our family.  I am so grateful that we have made changes that will forever benefit our family due to her influence.

I have always felt very passionate about my home environment but with so many changes the past few years, I am finding even more value in defining the pace and atmosphere of my home and how it affects my well being.

All this to say, Dwelling is a beautiful compilation of this message Melissa is so passionate to share.  And I truly believe readers will find great encouragement in creating a home that they can dwell well in.

Dwelling releases April 2nd and you can pre-order your copy on Amazon now!